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Cheers To The Holidays!

No matter what holiday you and your family like to celebrate, there is always a call for cheers around this time of year. What better way to celebrate or to ring in the new year than with a toast and some champagne? Whether you are a champagne enthusiast or simply a champagne drinker, there is no substitute for cheers'ing your loved ones with a glass of champagne.

Bubbly Bar HTX is your perfect champagne solution. We offer three separate champagne cart rental services to satisfy anything from an at-home gathering to a large office party. We can provide you with the champagne and let you take it from there or we can accompany you with a private bartender to serve your guests.

Even if you are not serving champagne this holiday season, Champagne still makes a perfect gift! Giving a bottle of champagne as a gift is popular for its elegance, which is why it is a perfect gift for any occasion. The air of sophistication a good bottle of bubbly carries gives a good impression about your personality and taste. Gifting champagne on any occasion lifts up the mood, but gifting a bottle of bubbly for the holidays makes it all the more merry!

To learn more about Bubbly Bar HTX give us a call at (281) 968-9475 or fill out a form on our contact page!

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