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So You’re Having An Alcohol Bar At Your Party? Here Are Some Ideas

So, you’ve decided to book an alcohol bar at your party? Well, how fabulous! There are many advantages to preparing alcohol bars. For one thing, they take much of the stress out of hosting a party and enjoying the moment.

You can also make use of more unusual serving options like champagne carts or DIY stations. Whatever serving concept you choose, try to integrate ice and other chiller accessories for maximum visual appeal. After all, it must be social media-worthy!

DIY Stations

Let your party-goers be their own mixologists by providing the fresh ingredients for their drinks. Great for summer parties where the fruits for your Sangria, Mimosa, or a cool bloody mary is easy to find. This is also a great way for guests to meet each other and it will make your party the one to remember! Plus, you won’t have to find a bartender.

Full Bar

If you have guests who have different tastes, it can be hard to pick just one kind of bar for them. The solution? A full bar if you have the budget. It covers wines, spirits, and beer.

Often the safest and most common choice for weddings and other events, your bartenders won’t have a hard time buying alcohol stock and it’s easier to manage. It is a classic way to serve drinks to your guests.

Champagne Cart

There’s nothing more that can elevate your event through the sound of a pop and tasting the stars. Champagne carts can always make your events special and noteworthy for the elegance and fun they can bring to your event.

You might think that champagne equals expensive but that is not the case for every service! The Bubbly Bar in Houston offers 3 services that can suit anyone’s taste depending on their budget. You can choose to have a bartender or even the option of using their champagne flutes for your glamorous bar cart.

The possibilities are overwhelming, and it’s up to you to choose what type of bar you want to create. Perhaps you want a full bar with the basic spirits, or maybe you want to make your bar niche by offering cocktails that are difficult to find elsewhere. No matter which direction you decide to go in, no doubt your guests will enjoy it.

The best way to entertain is by doing things you can while having a great time. Having a great party bar with fun drinks is a good place to start.

Visit The Bubbly Bar HTX today.

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